My name is Helena Kralt, I am a freelance photographer.

My main focus for the past 11 years has been concert photography, this has resulted into some awesome photos for everyone to see. In the last couple of years I've also gotten very passionate about sport photography, I always try to make people look at there best in " the heat of the moment" the ACTION!



You may take a look at my work on this site or on my Instagram!







In need of a photographer? 


Are you looking for live concert photos of yourself or your band? I would love to help you with that! my contact information can be found below.


Besides concert photography I am also able to do work in the direction of product and business photography.


Interested? Don't hesitate to send me a message by clicking here or through my e-mail (lennn33@gmail.com)


I am looking forward to it!








Opzoek naar een fotograaf?


Ben je opzoek naar concert foto's van jou of je band? Dan help ik je graag!

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Naast concert fotografie kan ik ook werk doen in de richting van producten en sport fotografie , mijn doel is om mensen er op hun best uit te laten zien in de "heat of the moment" actie.


Geïnteresseerd? aarzal dan niet om contact op te nemen door hier te klikken of stuur me een e-mail (lennn33@gmail.com)


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Lenn Photography.

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